Interim Resource Management

Key Leadership and Technical roles should not be vacant!

RL Operational Excellence closes your resource gaps. Maintain and advance your foothold of performance while you address your vacancies.

Is your organization facing any of the following:

  • Open leadership roles
  • Understaffed critical technical roles
  • Project delays due to rapid growth
  • Declining operational performance

By utilizing RL Operational Excellence’s Interim Resource Management, you will:

  • Create breathing room during the search process
  • KPI Improvements
  • Provide technical continuity and capabilities
  • Recover project timelines
  • Convert growth without jeopardizing existing business
  • Lead or support major change

Provide Relief without Disruption: Reduce the hidden costs of hiring or replacing resources and provide your organization with some space to find and make the right hire.

Critical KPI: Improve your KPI's with experienced interim resources that provide the hands-on results, while working alongside your talent to guide, coach and build capabilities.

Maintain Technical Continuity and Capability: Technical roles can take a long time to either develop or search for the right candidate. RL will provide experienced interim resources while your organization executes its recruitment and talent acquisition strategy for technical roles.

Maintain Project Timelines: From continuous improvement, infrastructure, to anything in-between, projects consume valuable resource time and money. Most companies attempt to spread the workload out among the existing resource base which causes conflicting priorities and a lack of thoroughness that lead to project delays and additional cost. RL will provide an experienced Project Manager keeping projects on time and avoid unecessary cost.

Convert Growth Opportunities: Establish realistic action plans to execute and deliver profitability from your growth opportunities. An interim resource can lead and support the additional workload until that growth can be integrated into your current business operation.

Execute Major Change Flawlessly: ERP or software implementation, major continuous improvement efforts, building construction/major CAPEX projects, mergers and acquisitions are all examples of potentially beneficial and disruptive changes. The nature of these often require dedicated resources and RL interim resources can fill the gap giving your organization the flexibility they need.

The RL Operational Excellence Approach to Interim Resource Management

  • Requirements of the Business and Customer
  • Current State process, tools, capabilities
  • Identify macro themes
  • Detailed discussion on the strategy and timing 
  • Internal KPI’s gaps prioritized
  • Critical success factors
  • Quality, Operations, Supply Chain
  • Talent acquisition and development
  • Train, coach, and team development gaps
  • Clarity on scope
  • Job description and expectations aligned
  • Communication and mobilization plans
  • Track progress of the interim solution
  • KPI tracking both macro and department/line level
  • Weekly/Monthly report outs or check-ins
  • Skills matrix
  • Standard work
  • Process ownership and ownership transfer