Project & Results Based Engagements

Advance Core Results 50% Faster.

RL Operational excellence improves the time to achieve your results by 50% in any environment. Growth, Cost, Cash, and Delivery are core drivers to any business. Execute the plan faster than your competition.

Does Your Organization Have Gaps In:

  • Matching Outputs to Sales Growth
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Balancing Inventory to Optimize Cash
  • Customer Delivery Performance
  • Lost Margins, Tightened Cost Structures
  • Synchronizing the Entire Operations and Supply Chain

RL Operational Excellence’s Project & Results Based Engagements, you will:

  • Realize Growth Faster
  • See Bottom-line Improvement
  • 20-50% Key KPI Improvement
  • Build a Sustainable Operating System
  • Increase Organization Capabilities
  • Improve Cash Position
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

Permanently solve specific projects and results-based challenges to improve your overall company’s performance.

Operational Excellence consulting should require a partner, one that understands your organizations strategic intent and challenges at hand. In many cases, your organization needs specific projects run in the short term to close immediate performance gaps. RL Operational Excellence works both top to bottom and across your organization to accelerate the path forward to implement solutions that yield real results. Our proven approach closes gaps that other consulting firms promise.

RL Operational Excellence Project & Results Based Engagement Outcomes:
  • 6 points EBITDA improvement in 9 months
  • 6:1 Return on Investment (Cost Savings vs. Consulting Spend)
  • Beat Sales Growth projections by 3-months
  • Reduced Inventory 62% and Improved Delivery to 98%

Increase EBITDA: Experience in Financials coupled with Operational backgrounds is a recipe for real results that everyone can see. Utilizing Lean and Continuous Improvement tools/processes simultaneously with Operations Systems Excellence tools/processes paves the way for accelerated bottom-line results.

Critical KPI Improvement: When key performance indicators are clear, but priorities conflict, experience in operations and supply chain will cut through roadblocks to accelerate your organization’s comprehensive plan. Clarity of gaps, prioritization of projects, and estimation of results will drive quicker consensus of where to execute.

Drive Quality: Inbound, internal, or delivered products/services are all part of the cost of poor quality. Quality Management Systems, quality improvement plans, and our experience from a demanding industry will instill Quality Excellence into your organization.

Increase Delivery: Voice of the customer and converting expectations back through the organization are critical factors to increase delivery performance. From inbound materials through product conversions there are many potential failure points that cause delivery issues. Understanding the functions across the business allow for accelerated identification of root causes to realize improved delivery faster.

Improve Cash: 10% is not aggressive in most companies, remove the constraints and understand the true cash potential. Using strategic inputs, current operational system performance and voice of customer your company’s inventory and cash can be improved 30-50%.

Capture Growth: Establish realistic action plans to execute and deliver real growth opportunities. Through understanding of the organization both top to bottom and across functions, levers and constraints can be quickly and responsibly addressed to capture growth in revenue.

Reduce Lead Time: Waiting for parts and people can be turned into 50% reductions in lead time across any process. Lean methodology and experience will dramatically accelerate reductions in lead time.

The RL Operational Excellence Approach to Projects & Results Based Engagements

  • Requirements of the Business and Customer
  • Evaluate key hi-level data
  • Current State process, tools, capabilities
  • Identify macro themes
  • Detailed requirements 
  • Internal KPI’s gaps prioritized
  • Value Stream / Process Mapping
  • Waste identification
  • Quality, Operations, Supply Chain
  • Talent acquisition and development
  • Train, coach, execute and develop teams
  • Weekly executive report out
  • Check implementation results
  • Process improvement adherence
  • Adjust and update comprehensive plan
  • Current performance requirements and timing for execution
  • Track progress of processes impacted
  • KPI tracking both macro and department/line level
  • Income Statement monitoring
  • Skills matrix
  • KPI continuous improvement
  • Process ownership and ownership transfer / embedded